Networking with your E-Cards


Exchanging electronic business cards, or vCards, are a new and trending method of handing out your contact information to potential clients and business contacts. Sharing your business information - via your business card - with the people you want to connect with has always been the key building block in forming a solid foundation to a strong working relationship, and right next to a firm handshake, the business card is like gold in the networking community. Discover more about business holiday ecards at .
Making in more personal with technology
Technology helps us know more about each other. We learn intimate details and personal stories about a person, company, or product when we:

Log onto the internet,
Read some basic information, and
Follow a few links.

After 20 minutes online a person can know more about a business and the people involved in that business than would have been imaginable after a year-long relationship 20 years ago. The success of electronic business cards, as well as the practical advantages of vCards, is very much associated with this satisfaction and comfort of learning as much about a person or business in as quickly and efficient of a manner as possible.

Letting your personal story gain you business

People want to learn about people. Human interest is the basic sociological impulse and desire of human beings and as a business provider getting your company's story out there helps distinguish you from all the other generic faces and logos out there at a convention or online. That is where vCards really stand out. More than just your contact information, electronic business cards enable you to:

Share your company ethos and your vision of the future
Incorporate links that let your contacts see the success of your work
Let your contacts visit the various points on the web where your business is evolving
Serve as a quality introduction to the complete package that is your business

All of these advantages accumulate to make viewing someone's vCard a more intimate and well-rounded learning experience, which helps your potential clients become more comfortable with you and doing business with you.

How to create an electronic business card

The ultimate goal of any networking event is to form lasting business relationships that will:

Equal satisfied customers and
Put money in your bank account.

vCards are another great tool that technology has produced to help you gain happy clients and put money in your pocket.